Fixing the
Care Problem

This story is not really ‘about us.’ It’s about you—and your clients.

Because whether you’re a personal injury attorney or a healthcare provider, you want the best for your clients. You know how important it is for them to stick to their care plan, attend medical appointments, and get the medications they need.

Trouble is, this doesn’t always happen as it should, often with severe consequences. It’s a big problem, requiring an innovative solution. And that’s why Compliant Clients™ exists.

Better Outcomes,
Fewer Headaches

We worry about your clients, so you don’t have to. We take care of medical transportation, arranging prescriptions, and ensuring your clients stick to their plans.

That means you can focus on building cases and getting the best possible outcome. Just think what that means.

No more:

Frantic messages about missed appointments or transport issues

Wondering if your clients are accidentally undermining their cases

Getting distracted from important work to resolve minor issues

Instead, you can:

We Care About
Your Outcomes

At Compliant Clients™, we’re different because we’re laser-focused on resolving the victim care problem. The company was founded in direct response to a growing need for a better service.

Our founder, Dr. Survam Patel, considers himself to be a true advocate for personal injury patient-litigants. He is often seen in the halls of the Texas Capitol, where he testifies before legislative committees to support patient rights.

As a state-licensed, board-certified pharmacist, Dr. Patel noticed a real problem that needed to be addressed. He witnessed PI attorneys and healthcare professionals struggling to keep clients on track with their care plans.

Organizing taxis and Ubers to get people to appointments is time-consuming at best. And clients may experience difficulties paying for transport and medication. The system was broken, resulting in flawed cases and lost compensation.

A Professional Approach

Dr. Patel founded Compliant ClientsTM to offer a better solution. Thanks to his vision, all injured litigants now have access to transportation and injury-related medications. They can enjoy optimal treatment and avoid undue medical deterioration as their claim progresses.

To learn more about how we help, visit our website and read through the most frequently-asked-questions. And be sure to check out our recent testimonials, too.

Better still, create a free account to get the ball rolling. We’ll be happy to explain how the service works and show you how to get better outcomes for you and your clients.