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General Questions

Register your client with our portal form, determine which Compliant Clients services your client needs and allow us to facilitate the rest so you can focus on the case outcome.
Compliant Clients offers non-recourse transportation and prescription benefits services to personal injury clients. Transportation services are for appointments directly related to the injury such as rides to a doctor’s office or an imaging center. Prescription benefits services are for medications directly related to the client’s injury.
We will send the client’s invoice once a month. Any payments made towards the client’s account will be reflected on the invoice.
We understand the need for reductions to resolve your client’s injury claims and will work with you and your client towards a quick case resolution.
We offer transportation on lien TM and pharmacy on lien services in all 50 states.
Law Firms and its represented clients must agree to our terms and conditions to use our services.
The Compliant Clients team is available by phone or email Monday-Friday from 9am-5:30pm Central Time. Please allow for up to 1 business day for a response.

transportation QUESTIONS

Once your client is approved for transportation services, you can log in to your portal to request transportation. You can save time by scheduling all your client’s transportation needs in advance, If you know their treatment schedule!
Compliant Clients offers a variety of transportation lines based on client need, including but not limited to: Lyft, Uber, private sedan, private and commercial flights, as well as non-emergency medical transportation.
Yes. These requests typically take longer to set up, so we require the necessary information at least 5 business days in advance. Our team will provide an estimated cost prior to scheduling the transportation for clients.
You can choose to maintain scheduling privileges or share access with your client. This decision can be made during the registration process.
We will arrange the transportation with your client and communicate with them directly via phone call and/or text message to ensure they make it to their appointment. If they miss their ride or need to make any changes to their ride, they can call us (and not you anymore) so that you can remain focused on important legal matters.
Due to varying transportation scheduling logistics in cities across the nation, all transportation requests should be submitted at least 1 business day in advance in major metro areas and 4 days in advance for other areas. This will ensure that our team has the proper time needed to secure adequate transportation for your client.
Compliant Clients transportation rates are dynamically calculated based on a variety of factors including but not limited to: vehicle type, number of passengers, desired route, time of day, tolls, number of available drivers, current demand for rides, the amount of time our concierge staff spends coordinating and administratively, and any local fees or surcharges.
Not currently! We hold contracts with various insured transportation service providers, enabling us to secure services for injured clients quickly.
We only arrange transportation with companies that have insurance policies.

Pharmacy Benefits

Once your client is registered, you will receive a prescription benefits card that you can send to your client for immediate use at the pharmacy of their choice. Your client will not be charged a copay at the pharmacy for their injury related prescriptions.
We have designed a formulary to cover commonly prescribed injury-related medications. If a medication is prescribed that is not on our formulary that needs to be covered, we can approve them on a case-by-case basis.
The initial eligibility is set for 3 months. Compliant Clients has the ability to extend the eligibility based on your client’s needs. We will work with you to determine if eligibility needs to be extended.
Compliant Clients is contracted with all major pharmacies (CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Amazon PillPack, etc.) as well as thousands of independent pharmacies across the country. Your client can choose to fill their prescriptions at any of these locations. If there are any questions about a pharmacy being in network, your client can call the number on the card.
SWP (suggested wholesale price) is the most commonly used benchmark in the pharmaceutical industry in drug pricing mainly because it is readily available, easily updated, and regularly maintained by independent third parties. It is important to note that drug manufacturers set the SWP and report the pricing to other third parties. Third parties publish this price that can be accessed by subscription. First DataBank (FDB) and Medi-Span are the most widely used third parties. This pricing data is referenced and utilized by numerous payers, including the US government for Medicare Part D and nearly all U.S. State Medicaid programs. Compliant Clients prescription costs are based on the SWP set by the manufacturer.
Drug discount card companies partner with a PBM’s extensive networks to generate traffic and sales for pharmacies. These programs don’t pay pharmacies but actually charge the pharmacy a fee in exchange for being included in their network. Discount card companies do not support injured plaintiffs on a non-recourse basis and require payment by the patient to the dispensing pharmacy at the time of service – not when (or if) the case settles.


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