no more treatment gaps.
No More Missed Appointments. transportation on Lien™
for Your Clients.

no more treatment gaps.

No More Missed Appointments.

transportation on Lien™
for Your Clients.

Dr. Survam Patel, Compliant Clients founder, and Attorney Matt Zar publish Daily Journal Article on How Courts Address Transportation and Prescriptions “On Lien”

Better Outcomes for Personal Injury Cases

For PI clients, staying compliant with their care plan can be a struggle. Whether it’s due to transportation issues or financial worries, they may miss medical appointments or skip their medications.

That makes it harder for you to get a better outcome and a fair settlement. It’s a big problem, but fortunately, there’s a simple solution.

Compliant Clients™ exists to take the matter off your hands. We’ll take good care of your clients’ transportation and pharmacy needs, so you can focus on what you do best.

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Medical appointments are missed and prescribed care plans are not followed, jeopardizing causes of action.

The Solution

We tailor medical transportation and pharmacy services to each client to ensure their needs are met, enabling them to be compliant with their care plan.

The Result

Your law firm is free to focus on your real job - important legal matters.

Transportation on Lien™

You have better things to do than check up on your clients. And why would you, when we can do everything efficiently and effectively?

We’ll schedule their rides, so they always make appointments and get the right treatment at the right time. Whether they need to travel by land or air, our helpful case managers will organize all the details.

We tailor our services to each client to ensure their needs are met. That way, you’ll have no worries about problematic gaps in their treatment.

We’ll even cover the upfront cost of transportation, so clients won’t think twice about attending appointments. Law Firms simply enroll their client within our portal, and we coordinate the rest.

We will:

Schedule all your client’s upcoming rides

Ensure they make it to appointments on time

Cover the cost of transportation and medications

Pharmacy on Lien

We’ll take pharmacy matters off your hands. We’ll make sure clients get the right medications without worrying about payment. That way, nothing important gets missed.

Each client gets a card they can use at pharmacies across the U.S. Our cards are accepted by Amazon, Pillpack, CVS, Walgreens, and 58,000 other pharmacies nationwide.

In short, we make it easy for clients to stick to their care plan and get the meds they need. For you, that means one less thing to follow up on.

We will:

Issue a Compliant Clients™ Pharmacy card, enabling the client to get needed medications at their preferred pharmacy (with no copay)

Cover 100% of costs for injury-related medications

Provide complete pharmacy billing and documentation in the format needed for your case.

Helping Law Firms

We understand that an attorney’s time is valuable and best spent building cases. Plus, legal staff have many responsibilities and ensuring care-plan compliance takes up valuable time.

That’s why a growing number of personal injury firms are outsourcing transportation and medication matters to our expert team. They save time, money, and inconvenience while ensuring their clients get the best outcome.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

Premises Liability

Products Liability

Dogs Bites

Medical Malpractice

Critical Burns

Gunshot Wounds

Toxic Gas Exposure

Traumatic Brain Injury

Combat Injury

Tortious Assaults



Helping Healthcare Providers

We also help healthcare providers who work with law firms and want to:

Decrease missed patient appointments

Be seen as a reliable healthcare provider to law firms

Prevent any delays to patient treatment

For more information on our services to healthcare providers, click here

How it Works

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Getting started with Compliant Clients™ is simple. Just enroll your client using our friendly, easy-to-use web portal.

Then our highly-professional case managers will take on the responsibility, ensuring no detail is missed. Your client will get white-glove treatment, making it easy for them to stay compliant.

Meanwhile, you can focus on fighting for justice and winning the better outcome they deserve.

The Benefits

When you work with us, you reduce the risk of settling for sub-optimal outcomes due to client noncompliance. You won’t have to worry about administrative issues or handing arguments to the defense..

Instead, you’ll be able to resolve cases faster and more favorably. Clients will get the outcome they deserve, while you get to achieve a just and fair result.


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