Transportation & Pharmacy on Lien Benefits

Missed appointments are a significant problem in personal injury cases. They create gaps in treatment that insurance adjusters are trained to attack. Even if clients resume treatment later, the damage may already be done, so eliminating missed appointments must be a priority.

Unfortunately, keeping clients compliant with their care plans can be a major challenge. Clients may not realize the significance of skipping just one appointment or may experience difficulty arranging a ride. The result can result in a weaker case and a less satisfactory outcome.

Fortunately, there is a simple and effective solution that’s proven to work. Across the United States, personal injury law firms are putting missed appointments behind them forever.

A Better Way to Help Clients

You can easily cut out gaps in treatment by working with a partner specializing in transportation and pharmacy. That way, clients get to appointments on time, legal teams get to focus on casework—and fairer settlements result.

This approach offers many significant advantages that make it a no-brainer choice:

No gaps in treatment

There are many reasons why clients miss appointments. They may have to share a car with other family members or not have access to a vehicle at all. They may be frustrated by public transportation delays or unable to arrange taxis or ride-shares. Should they need specialist treatment far from home, these problems are multiplied.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. With a reliable partner scheduling rides and following up, you can be sure all appointments are kept. These eliminate awkward treatment gaps that undermine your case.

With solid evidence of damages, you are in a much better to fight your case. You have demonstrated your client’s credibility and eliminated one angle of attack.

Greater convenience for clients

Getting medications may also be an area of concern for clients. Even if they have insurance, they may be worried about how to fill prescriptions and which pharmacies they can use.

They may decide it’s not worth the bother and skip their medications altogether. Once again, this weakens their case and allows insurance adjusters and defense attorneys to go into offense mode.

Thankfully, there’s an easy fix. Providing clients with nationwide prescription insurance coverage makes it easier for them to get the medications they need. They can fill their prescriptions at their preferred pharmacy, helping to keep them on track.

No need to help clients with costs

One of the biggest issues causing gaps in treatment is financial hardship. Even with insurance coverage, many people will struggle to deal with copays and deductibles. The cost of arranging regular rides to attend medical appointments soon adds up and becomes a real burden.

As a result, clients may skip appointments or medications just to save money. Ironically, this decision could end up costing a lot more money in the long run.

Financing such costs on the law firm’s dime is also problematic. With many cases in progress, the costs can become considerable.

But when you work with a partner who provides both transportation and pharmacy on lien, those problems disappear. Clients no longer have to worry about covering costs, so they are much more likely to attend appointments and take their needed medications.

Legal staff can focus on casework

If you or your team have to spend time assisting clients with transportation or pharmacy, that’s a significant distraction. This is another sound reason for outsourcing the job to a specialist. You’ll know your clients' needs are being handled by professionals who get the job done right.

The result? Clients get to appointments on time, and gaps in treatment are eliminated. But that’s not all. Your legal experts get to focus their time on what they do best—building solid cases.

Saving time and money

Managing transportation and pharmacy is not core business for a personal injury firm. So outsourcing this to a specialist increases efficiency and eliminates the overhead of dealing with this problem

It’s an expensive problem, too. Highly-paid attorneys and paralegals have better things to do with their time than book Uber rides. So let an expert team take this costly problem off your hands.

Better outcomes in terms of settlements

Gaps in treatment give insurance adjusters and defense attorneys ammunition to negotiate with. Even if the client resumes treatment later, the chances of getting a fair settlement are greatly reduced. Very often, the client gets nothing at all.

This is obviously unfair, so you need to fight back. A transportation and pharmacy partner will keep clients with their care plans, making it easier for you to build a compelling case.

That means your clients are much more likely to get the outcome they deserve.

Man holding a thumbs up shape with check marks in boxes & plant near his feet next to a quote "Transportation and pharmacy on lien is the smart way to help personal injury clients get the services they need without paying upfront. It eliminates gaps in treatment, improves case outcomes, and increases efficiency and profitability for law firms."

A Proven Partner

So the benefits of offering transportation and pharmacy on lien are clear. All you need to do now is find the right partner to help. Fortunately, you don’t have to look far!

At Compliant Clients, we specialize in offering transportation and pharmacy services on lien. We work with personal injury law firms nationwide to eliminate missed appointments and ensure that clients get their needed medications. We’ll cut out treatment gaps so you can get the best outcomes.

We schedule rides, provide pharmacy cards, and generally keep clients compliant. Quite frankly, it’s a game-changer for personal injury firms.

Start today, and you can be eliminating gaps in treatment tomorrow. So to learn more
about partnering with Compliant Clients, get in touch today.