Benefits of Pharmacy on Lien for Personal Injury Clients

Ensuring that clients get their prescribed medications is important for many reasons. Certainly, they should get the prescriptions required to care for their health. But care plan compliance is essential for legal reasons, too.

That’s why more and more personal injury firms are choosing pharmacy on lien as the perfect way to help. It’s the easy way to ensure that clients get the right medications while also keeping cases solid.

The Pharmacy on Lien Solution

There are many reasons why clients may fail to fill their prescriptions, but the most common is financial difficulty. Even people with insurance may struggle with deductibles and copays, while those without cover have even bigger worries.

Thankfully, pharmacy on lien services provide a proven, effective solution. Clients get the medications they need without having to pay a cent. Meanwhile, their lawyers have the reassurance of knowing treatment gaps are avoided.

“Every personal injury attorney knows the importance of care-plan compliance,” says Dr. Survam Patel, Managing Partner of Compliant Clients. “Yet clients may be more concerned with immediate financial difficulties. They might skip medications to save a few bucks today, not realizing they are jeopardizing their case outcome tomorrow.”

Pharmacy on lien provides the perfect solution to this problem. And the good news is that it’s easy to get started. Here’s how you benefit, step-by step:

Benefits of Pharmacy on Lien: • Make it easy for clients to stay compliant • Client pharmacy management is in safe hands • Enrollment is as simple as possible • Care-plan compliance is much more achievable • Filling prescriptions is easy • Saves you money, time, and frustration • No more chasing down paperwork • Avoid out-of-pocket expenses

Opt for pharmacy on lien

You work hard on personal injury cases, so you deserve to get the right outcome. That makes it super-important to avoid problems that undermine claims. Pharmacy issues are a significant compliance problem, so it makes sense to eliminate them.

By choosing pharmacy on lien, you make it easy for clients to stay compliant with their care plans. You’ll have the confidence of knowing there’s nothing to stop them from getting the medications they need.

Select the right partner

The key to success with pharmacy on lien is finding a provider you can trust. You need an experienced operator who knows how to take good care of clients, while providing law firms the support they need.

Fortunately, that’s not hard to do. By choosing a proven specialist like Compliant Clients, you can place client pharmacy management in safe hands. We have many years of experience working closely with clients and attorneys in the personal injury space.

Set up your account

Switching to a new system is always challenging, so you must make this process as simple as possible. Choose a pharmacy partner with a good online system for onboarding and managing clients.

Your admin staff should find it easy to create an account and enroll people into the system. For example, Compliant Clients has just launched a brand-new portal designed to make enrollment as simple as possible. Your admin staff will be up to speed in no time, loving the greater efficiency and management capabilities.

Provide pharmacy cards

Convenience and financial issues are often obstacles to staying compliant with care plans. So your pharmacy on lien provider should offer clients pharmacy cards valid at most pharmacies nationwide.

That way, your clients won't have to worry about finding cash to get their medications. With that worry removed, care-plan compliance is much more achievable.

Compliant Clients Personal Injury Prescription Card

Make filling prescriptions easy

With the help of your pharmacy on lien provider, your clients will get their medications wherever and whenever suits them best. That means no more awkward gaps in treatment.

Clients can fill prescriptions at almost any pharmacy, quickly and easily. They get the care they need without your staff having to intervene.

Enjoy multiple benefits

You’ll soon discover that pharmacy on lien saves you money, time, and frustration. Your highly trained—and highly paid—legal staff should not be spending time resolving problems filling prescriptions.

This admin overhead can cut deeply into their day, preventing them from getting the really important work done. So let a professional provider deal with this matter. As many law firms have already discovered, this significantly reduces your costs in the long run.

Experience real case benefits

Building solid cases is much easier when clients stay compliant with their care plans. You won’t have to worry about gaps in treatment giving insurance adjusters (and their attorneys) a weakness to attack.

But that’s not all. You’ll also have the advantage of detailed documentation to support your arguments. When you work with Compliant Clients, it’s as easy as logging into the portal and downloading all the necessary information. No more chasing down paperwork; everything you need is always to hand.

Avoid out-of-pocket expenses

Asking clients to pay for medications themselves may set you up for problems with care-plan compliance. On the other hand, financing prescriptions in-house means taking on a significant financial burden.

But when you use pharmacy on lien services, neither you nor your clients have to worry about finding money upfront. Your provider will be compensated on settlement, making this a no-brainer solution.

Get Started with Pharmacy on Lien Today

In summary, pharmacy on lien is a proven way to solve the problems associated with client medications. It’s the easy way to keep clients compliant and on track with their care plans.

Compliant Clients is a leading provider of both pharmacy and transportation on lienTM. We’re helping many personal injury law firms achieve better client care without spending their own money.

“As a company founded by pharmacists, we understand the challenges,” says Dr. Patel. “We have the partnerships, systems, and solutions needed to make pharmacy on lien a success. Talk to us, and you won’t look back.”

To learn more about how we can help, get in touch today. We’ll help you achieve improved care-plan compliance and better case outcomes.