Fast & Easy Setup of Medical Transportation Services

Gaps in treatment can be problematic for personal injury lawyers, making it even harder to get the best outcomes. So keeping clients compliant with their care plans must be a priority. But staff at PI firms have enough on their plate dealing with casework. How are they supposed to find extra time to schedule rides, follow up with clients and ensure appointments are kept?

Because of this, firms often find themselves between a rock and a hard place. They don’t have the spare resources needed to administer medical transportation, yet they can’t afford to allow treatment gaps either.

It’s a conundrum, for sure. Fortunately, there’s a simple and elegant solution. You can solve both of these problems at once by partnering with a dedicated medical transportation provider.

Clients are Compliant: A happy client in a car = Legal Professionals can Focus: A team of medical professionals working = Clients are happy and healthy: A group of clients enjoying life.

No More Treatment Gaps, No More Admin Headaches

When you work with a specialist like Compliant Clients, you no longer have to worry about medical transportation. We’ll take responsibility for scheduling rides, reminding clients of appointments, and keeping them compliant with their care plans.

Better still, we do all of this on lien. That means clients don’t have to worry about finding the money for rides—and neither do you. We take care of everything.

Your legal professionals are free to focus on what they do best, working hard on settlements. Meanwhile, we’ll keep your clients happy and eliminate gaps in treatment.

It’s a win-win scenario.

Fast, Easy Setup

Transportation on lien offers so many benefits, it’s hardly surprising many law firms are already on board with the idea. Yet despite the obvious advantages, some firms have yet to make the jump. And one of the main reasons for hesitating is concerns over onboarding.

“We’ve found that attorneys are often worried about the transition,” says Dr. Survam Patel, Managing Partner of Compliant Clients. “They’re too busy to go through a steep learning curve. Everything needs to work…and it needs to work NOW! That’s why we’ve revamped our portal to make it easier to use than ever.”

The Compliant Clients portal is the gateway to better, more efficient medical transportation. And now, the software system has been rebuilt from top to bottom to make the whole process as streamlined as possible.

Non-technical staff can enroll clients quickly and easily, painlessly handing over the whole process of medical transportation. As soon as clients are enrolled, we’ll take care of getting them to appointments.

Getting Started with the Portal

When you work with Compliant Clients, you can let us manage all the complexities of arranging rides and medications. To prove the point, here’s an introduction to enrolling clients in our portal and getting on track for better outcomes.

Create your account:

Your first step is to visit the website and create your account. You can click ‘Create Account’ on the home page or just click here.

Enroll your clients:

Now you’re ready to start enrolling your clients. Follow the simple steps, and you’ll have your first client on board in no time.

Get help when you need it:

On your dashboard, you’ll see that all the features you need are within easy reach. But if you need help at any time, we’ve got your back. Just visit the portal help section to find all the information you need.

Request a ride:

You can quickly request transportation for your enrolled clients as well as view frequent addresses. Wherever your clients need to go, we’ll get them there.

Download prescription cards:

View, print, and download prescription cards and send them via text message. Then your clients will be able to get their medications quickly and easily.

Manage enrolled clients:

Check out applications under review and see details of all enrolled clients. This includes documents, prescription cards, and outstanding invoices.

Make payments:

You can easily download statements for review, then pay outstanding invoices (separated by client). All the documentation you need is at hand.

Experience happier clients:

You’ll learn that clients love the service and its convenience. Plus, you’ll cut out gaps in treatment, save money and achieve better outcomes.

Manage access:

Easily add or remove any members of your team as users. Update access at any time according to your business requirements.

Ask for help:

We’ve made the portal as easy to use as possible, as well as incorporating an extensive help section. But if you need more assistance, just get in touch.

That’s a brief overview of everything you must know to get started. But there’s so much more to discover in our feature-rich portal. So be sure to enroll your first client and discover the benefits for yourself.

Happier Staff, Delighted Clients

Because our portal is so easy to use, your team will love taking advantage of the service.

“No legal professional wants to waste hours on transport-related admin,” says Dr. Patel. “Our revamped portal makes it easy to outsource medical transportation. Plus, your team members have the reassurance of working with a partner they can trust. That really puts a smile on people’s faces.”

It’s not just your staff who will feel happier. Clients are sure to notice the difference, too. They’ll enjoy a concierge-level, white-glove service that makes getting to appointments a breeze.

Of course, happier clients also means better word-of mouth and an uptick in referrals. So you will soon be smiling, too.

Your Ticket to Better Outcomes

When you partner with Compliant Clients, everybody wins. Our innovative new portal is just one of the many ways we are reimagining the concept of medical transportation.

We understand the challenges you face in keeping clients compliant with their care plans. That’s why we’ve invested so much into our transportation and pharmacy services on lien. And we’re still just getting started!

We’re confident that once you’ve tried partnering with us, you won’t go back. You’ll love the easy-to-use new portal, the efficient ride scheduling, and the better outcomes that result.

So don’t deny yourself or your staff the benefits any longer. Create your account today and get on the fast track to better client outcomes.