Prevent Client Treatment Gaps: 5 Easy Ways

Success in personal injury matters depends on building solid cases. And this, in turn, means ensuring clients comply fully with their care plans. Gaps in treatments are significant problems that undermine the client’s credibility.

So ensuring clients stay on track with their transportation and pharmacy needs should always be a priority.  

Keeping Clients Compliant

For a busy law practice, worrying about client care plans can be a significant distraction. Yet the consequences of treatment gaps are too serious to be ignored. Here are some easy ways to help clients stay compliant, so they can get the compensation they deserve.  

Schedule transportation

Clients often miss appointments because they don’t have reliable transportation options available. For example, they may not have a car and so rely on others for lifts, or they may have an unreliable vehicle. Others may plan to use a taxi or ride-sharing service, only to find that transport is unavailable when needed. If they rely on public transport, they may be delayed or simply give up in frustration. You can avoid this problem by organizing rides for them. While this can be done ‘in-house,’ it’s additional work for busy legal staff. A better option is to partner with a company that specializes in client transportation

Manage pharmacy needs

For some people, filling prescriptions can be a headache. They may not know where to get their prescription filled or have other worries preventing them from getting the medications they need. That’s why Compliant Clients offers pharmacy cards. We ensure clients get the proper medications so that nothing important gets missed. Client gets a card they can use freely at pharmacies across the U.S. These are accepted by Amazon, Pillpack, CVS, Walgreens, and 58,000 other pharmacies nationwide. So clients get access to the medications they need at the pharmacy of their choice.  

Map of the United States of America showing where Compliant Clients pharmacy cards are accepted by amazon, pillpack, cvs, walgreens in 58,000 other pharmacies.

Use ‘on lien’ services

One of the most common reasons for gaps in treatment is simply financial struggles. Clients may wish to stay on track with their care plan but lack the financial resources to do so. Even the cost of a single prescription or a round-trip to a clinic can be a significant burden. The simplest solution is simply to take this problem off their hands. You can remove the biggest obstacle by offering transportation and pharmacy services on lien. The good news is that offering such a service doesn’t need to cost your firm a cent either. When you work with a specialist like Compliant Clients, everything is taken care of. We provide both transportation and pharmacy services on lien, covering all the out-of-pocket expenses. So clients get the medication and the rides they need without worry. Meanwhile, you benefit from eliminating a major headache at zero cost.  

Follow up regularly

It would be great if organizing transportation for clients was as simple as scheduling a ride. Unfortunately, it rarely is. Once a ride has been scheduled, it’s crucial to ensure that clients get to their appointments successfully. They may forget a ride has been booked or be confused about the details. That’s why it’s essential to follow up throughout the process. That means double-checking that clients expect to be picked up and understand when and how it will happen. Remember that it only takes one forgotten appointment to leave a significant gap in the treatment record. This problem can’t be fixed. So the sensible solution is to anticipate difficulties and eliminate them ahead of time. That’s where professional transportation management comes in.  

Work with a specialist

It should be clear by now that managing transportation and pharmacy for clients can become a significant headache. Yet it’s critical that these matters get the attention they deserve.

Your administrators are already busy with mainstream legal work. They certainly don’t need the additional burden of:

  • Scheduling rides
  • Arranging medications
  • Organizing financing
  • Following up

That’s why many personal injury law firms are choosing a better option. They’ve discovered the most reliable and efficient approach is to take advantage of outside help.
This means that clients get the assistance they need and can stay 100% compliant with their care plans. Meanwhile, attorneys and legal assistants can focus on building more robust cases and winning better outcomes.  

Let Us Take the Strain

Dealing with multiple providers is complicated and can work out expensive. So we recommend choosing a partner offering both transportation and pharmacy management services. If everything is provided on lien, so much the better.

That’s precisely the model we offer at Compliant Clients. We saw that personal injury firms nationwide were crying out for a better solution, so we created one.

When you work with us, we’ll take all of these problems off your hands. We’ll schedule rides, then follow up to ensure that clients make it to appointments. We’ll provide clients with pharmacy cards to get the medications they need at the pharmacy of their choice.

Plus, we do all this on lien, so the service won’t cost you or your clients a penny.’

“We offer a ‘done-for-you’ service,” says Dr. Survam Patel, Managing Partner at Compliant Clients. “We specialize in being good at managing pharmacy and transportation, so you don’t have to. You get a proven one-stop solution, while clients get white-glove personal service.”

Why let care plan management be a burden that bogs down your practice? And why risk gaps in treatment when you can eliminate them?

When you work with us, you’ve everything to gain and nothing to lose. You’ll save time, money, and effort while eradicating problems that undermine all your hard work. To find out how Compliant Clients can help your law firm, get in touch today.