10 Ways Personal Injury Firms Excel in 2023

The personal injury sector is changing in many ways. For sure, there are complex challenges to be faced. But there are also many exciting opportunities in the evolving landscape ahead.

Firms that embrace the challenges and take advantage of emerging opportunities will do well in the year ahead. In this article, we’ll discuss some simple but effective ways to get a meaningful competitive edge.

New Year, New Possibilities

The dawning of a new year is always a time for setting goals and making resolutions. If your goals are to be realized, they must be practical and achievable.

To stand out in the personal injury space, means upping your game. Law firms need to deliver better outcomes and outstanding service.

“The year ahead promises to be a great one for dynamic law firms,” says Dr. Survam Patel, Managing Partner of Compliant Clients. “For those prepared to take the initiative, there’s a real opportunity to get ahead. By embracing new ideas and innovative ways of working, they can steal a march on their competitors.”

Here are some simple but effective ways to achieve these goals:

2 women assisting 1 woman going up a ladder next to a sentence "By implementing these ideas will have a compounding effect and help personal injury law firms accelerate their success in 2023.

Eliminate missed appointments

Gaps in treatment weaken cases and give ammunition to insurance adjusters and defense attorneys. Thankfully, you can resolve this problem by partnering with a client transportation specialist.

Companies like Compliant Clients will shoulder the burden of scheduling rides, following up, and ensuring everyone gets to appointments on time. That leaves you free to build robust cases that produce better outcomes.

Reduce skipped medication problems

Financial worries may hinder clients from filling their prescriptions. The simple solution is to provide them with pharmacy cards that cover the cost of their medications.

By taking advantage of pharmacy on lienTM, you can make it easy for clients to fill prescriptions at the pharmacy of their choice. They won’t pay a cent out of pocket—and neither will you.

Get more referrals

There’s no better marketing than word-of-mouth from delighted customers. When you make keeping appointments and getting medications easy, your clients will love to spread the good news to friends, family, and colleagues. They are also likely to share on social media, spreading your message to the whole world.

So it makes sense to do everything you can to elevate your level of service. Fortunately, that doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s as simple as finding a partner to schedule rides and manage clients’ pharmacy needs.

Manage finances more efficiently

It’s hard to grow a practice when your funds are tied up, so explore the many available legal finance options. When you have more free cash flow, you can scale up your marketing, deliver better service, and get outstanding results.

There are many types of financing available to personal injury law firms. For example, recourse financing can offer you lines of credit using your case portfolio as collateral. Alternatively, non-recourse funding gives you risk-free financing (albeit at a higher cost).

Make the most of case management software

Case management software is a powerful tool that makes legal work much more efficient and productive. Yet many law firms fail to take full advantage of the possibilities.

Your application may have new, unused capabilities that could help improve productivity and effectiveness. Check the features carefully and attend conventions or conferences hosted by the vendor. The payoff could be huge.

Attend conferences

Professional events offer a fantastic opportunity to learn about new methods, ideas, and technologies. Attending conferences, seminars, and conventions can expose you to new possibilities that make a real difference in your practice.

Of course, such events are also a great place to make new contacts and forge new partnerships. So find out what conferences are coming up and use them to up your game.

Take on Traumatic Brain Injury cases

Traumatic Brain Injury cases are an important element of personal injury law but also a complex one. Many PI attorneys shy away from such cases, believing they don’t have the required expertise.

In reality, that’s not the case. There’s nothing to stop you from taking on TBI cases as long as you know how to screen for them. Use this screening questionnaire in your intake form to indicate possible candidates.

Audit intake calls

How intake calls are handled can make a massive difference to your success. You want to make the right impression from the outset, so ensure that staff answer the phone just as you want them to. For most potential clients, contacting a law firm is a big step. You can easily onboard new clients by making the process simple and painless.

Client intake is also an opportunity to set things up correctly from the outset. So check that staff ask all the right questions and cover all the bases. For example, this is the perfect time to identify who needs help with transportation and pharmacy.

Follow up with clients

Even a single missed appointment can weaken a case and damage the prospects of a successful outcome. And the biggest single reason for missing appointments is simple forgetfulness. A client’s momentary memory lapse can have serious consequences.

To avoid such problematic gaps in treatment, work with a partner who can follow up with clients. That way, they will be reminded of scheduled rides and can get help filling their prescriptions.

Outsource non-core functions

Personal injury legal work is complex and time-consuming. So you will achieve better outcomes if your attorneys and paralegals can focus on core legal work. They are simply too busy to waste time on admin matters such as booking Uber rides and sending appointment reminders.

That’s why more and more personal injury firms are freeing up time by outsourcing non-core tasks to specialists. They get to spend less time on general admin and much more on critical casework. If you can do this on a nonrecourse basis, so much the better.

The Easy Way to Get Ahead

These are just a few suggestions for how personal injury law firms can get ahead in 2023. Even if you implement just a few of these, they will have a compounding effect. This will help you accelerate your success—producing substantially better outcomes for your clients.

Having ideas is one thing but implementing them is quite another. So how can you quickly and easily put some of these strategies to work? Well, the quickest way would be to call Compliant Clients.

“We’re here to help personal injury firms,” says Dr. Patel. “We understand the challenges you face in the year ahead, and we’re ready to assist. We’ll help you cut through the clutter to achieve your goals faster in 2023.”

Compliant Clients offers transportation and pharmacy on lienTM, so we’re ideally positioned to help. By scheduling rides for clients, we’ll eliminate missed appointments and gaps in treatment. Plus, we will provide clients with pharmacy cards, so they can fill prescriptions at the pharmacy of their choice.

Better still, we do all this on lien, which means neither you nor your clients are out of pocket. Working with Compliant Clients is the simplest way to get ahead, so get in touch to find out how we can help.