This story is not really ‘about us.’ It’s about you—and your clients.

Because whether you’re a personal injury attorney or a healthcare provider, you want the best for your clients. You know how important it is for them to stick to their care plan, attend medical appointments, and get the medications they need.

Trouble is, this doesn’t always happen as it should, often with severe consequences. It’s a big problem, requiring an innovative solution. And that’s why Compliant Clients™ exists.

Once enrolled, your clients will get white-glove treatment and our highly-professional case managers will ensure no detail is missed. Make it easy for your clients to stay compliant with:

Transportation on Lien™

We will:

Schedule all your client’s upcoming rides

Ensure they make it to appointments on time

Cover the cost of transportation and medications

Pharmacy on Lien

We will:

Issue a Compliant Clients™ Pharmacy card, enabling the client to get needed medications at their preferred pharmacy (with no copay)

Cover 100% of costs for injury-related medications

Provide complete pharmacy billing and documentation in the format needed for your case.

We worry about your clients, so you don’t have to. We take care of medical transportation, arranging prescriptions, and ensuring your clients stick to their plans.

That means you can focus on building cases and getting the best possible outcome. Just think what that means.

No more:

Frantic messages about missed appointments or transport issues

Wondering if your clients are accidentally undermining their cases

Getting distracted from important work to resolve minor issues

Instead, you can:

Spend more time on real legal work, getting clients the compensation they deserve

Sleep easier at night, knowing your cases are built on a solid foundation

Save money by outsourcing to specialists who will do the job right

How it Works

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Getting started with Compliant Clients™ is simple. Just enroll your client using our friendly, easy-to-use web portal.

Then our highly-professional case managers will take on the responsibility, ensuring no detail is missed. Your client will get white-glove treatment, making it easy for them to stay compliant.

Meanwhile, you can focus on fighting for justice and winning the better outcome they deserve.