Transportation on lien™

Eliminate Gaps in Treatment & Get Much Better Outcomes

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No More Missed Appointments

When your clients fail to stick to their care plan, you’ve got problems. Every ‘no show’ for a medical appointment undermines your case. And that makes it harder for you to get the best outcome.

But at Compliant Clients™, we’ve got your back. We arrange transportation on lien™ so your clients won’t have any gaps in their medical treatment ever again.

When you work with us, we’ll schedule rides for your clients and cover the upfront cost. You can rest assured they’ll get to appointments on time, every time.

We offer a ‘white glove’ service, tailoring our services to each client to ensure their needs are met. Whether they need to travel by land or air, our helpful case managers will organize all the details.

The result? No more gaps in their care plan. And no more transportation issues opposing attorneys can turn against you.

No More Missed Medications

If clients miss taking their medications, that can be a big problem, too. That’s why we offer pharmacy on lien services to keep them on track.

Each client gets a card they can use at pharmacies across the U.S. Our cards are accepted by Amazon, Pillpack, CVS, Walgreens, and 58,000 other pharmacies nationwide.

Clients get the medications they need without having to pay out of their own pockets. And you get peace of mind, knowing your cases will stay the course.

A Better Solution

Whether you are a personal injury attorney or a healthcare provider, you’ll love partnering with Compliant Clients™. Thanks to our professional service, you can eliminate the big headaches associated with managing victim care. We will:

transportation on lien™

to get clients to medical appointments on time without fail

Offer pharmacy
on lien

so they get all the medications they need without paying a cent

Cover the
upfront costs

and provide a top-tier service that clients love

We provide service across the United States through a growing network of professional care specialists. So wherever you are, we can help you:

Reduce costs

by scheduling rides for clients, we’ll ensure they get to medical appointments on time

Save time

that’s wasted dealing with non-compliant clients and the admin issues they cause

Strengthen your case

by eliminating weaknesses connected to care plan management

Focus on building cases

instead of being distracted by non-legal matters

No wonder more PI professionals are choosing to team up with us. And they have great things to say about our service:

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Providers Say

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Getting Started

Signing up with Compliant Clients™ is simple. Just enroll your client using our friendly, easy-to-use web portal.

Then our highly-professional case managers will take on the responsibility, ensuring no detail is missed. Your clients get personal service, making it easy for them to stay compliant.

Meanwhile, you can focus on fighting for justice and winning the better outcome they deserve.

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You’re just a phone call away from leveling up to better outcomes, both for you and your clients. And the sooner you start, the sooner you will reap the benefits.

So let’s talk. Call us now at 1-844-51-INJURY to discuss how we can help you eliminate gaps and keep your clients compliant.